Customer Testimonials

This is even better than I imagined. Thank you so much!!! It is going to be a wedding present for my fiance. We have been through a lot and really like the symbolism of Kintsugi (the idea that things can be stronger after they have been broken). ~L.

When the goblet arrived today... Things changed ... a healing totally and complete. ~C.

She LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. I MEAN 1000000000 LOVES. She even posted it on Facebook. Now I want one... I have been very broken from abusive childhood and other things. and working on inner and outer healing I was thinking of what word you could write for me. If I buy one. I have a strong belief in God and love for Him. ~R.

This is a group gift from Social Work students to our instructor. A perfect gift as she has trained us to heal broken hearts and lives of older adults. ~J.

In February I ordered and received three of your beautiful bowls. In late January my older brother died from cancer, and at his funeral one of his friends sang the song, “Japanese Bowls”. My mother was quite taken with the song and the significance of the bowls. One of the bowls I ordered, I gave to my parents …your artwork has been quite meaningful and helpful during a time of tremendous grief.

I have kept the second bowl for my family, and the third bowl is a gift for the friend who sang at my brother’s funeral … and he introduced us to the song and Kintsugi art. ~C.

We used it to hold our rings at our restoration wedding. It was perfect and it's gorgeous. ~A.

You have no idea what meaning this has for me, as I bravely step out of a physically and verbally abusive marriage....HOPE of a better future for my 3 small children and hope of our broken pieces rising up. ~D.

Hi, your site and product are beautiful. I was wondering if I could special order a deep purple bowl? It would need it to contain many, many cracks to accurately represent the depth of my beauty. Beauty which has been created through the special love and care of healed wounds. Love and light, ~B.

Below are other wonderful comments we’ve received

This beautiful piece made it safe and sound to me. Thank you so much, Paul! I love it! It now adorns my living room coffee table as a center piece where I can always see and appreciate its beauty. For those of us who are living Kintsugi, this means so much. Kris L.

I cannot wait to receive my little supply of Kintsugi gifts. I have been chatting with a dear friend about the beauty in our lives that comes from repaired broken places. These are the kinds of conversations one has when one is 50, no? S.R.

I’m very grateful that you’ll send me this bowl!! I love it and will cherish it as a very special Gift. M.F., Netherlands

I am looking to purchase a Kintsugi piece for my fiance. He is an Army veteran and is struggling with reintigrating into the civilian world after years in combat. He is challenged by PTSD every day and often feels as though he is broken. This is something that will be profoundly meaningful to him. E.K.

Beautifully flawed, fast shipping, and included the history of Kintsugi! It made the perfect sentimental gift for my significant other, he absolutely loves it. C.C.

It shipped very quickly and arrived sooner than expected. I loved the packaging and presentation. It was just what I was looking for. Thank you. M.K.

Arrived super fast! Thank you, it's beautiful. I bought this for my husband as a symbolic gift. C.S.

Great seller and exquisite piece of art - thanks! G.R.

This is a beautiful piece of art -- love Kintsugi -- love the metaphor of the gem at the strongest, initial, part of the break to honor the broken pieces. I ordered their kit to do this work on my Jizos that have broken... perfect. V.J.

Exceeded my expectations! The piece is beautiful, shipped quickly and most importantly I can't wait to give it as a gift- I'm certain he will love it! H.L.

I am a minister from Geneva, IL. I am preaching a sermon tomorrow morning and am using Kintsugi as the main metaphor -- the service is called "Joyfully Imperfect." I just discovered you online and found that you're so nearby! Is there any chance I could purchase pick up a piece from you tonight to have it for tomorrow morning's service? A.S.