Broken Bowl Blog

Repairing Life the Kintsugi Way

Kintsugi broken Japanese bowl

More beautiful for being broken

By Paul Pustelnik

Kintsugi art and the story about Kintsugi are perfect examples of how something broken can become more beautiful if mended properly. This message resonates powerfully for me.

I am amazed by inspiring stories about people finding their gold.

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When the poets sing

By Debra Faith Warshaw

It’s the poetry of life, the human condition, the highs and lows, the hard knocks, the lessons. These are the universal messages that beg for attention, comfort, acceptance, compassion and understanding.

The great poets, musicians and artists of the ages have been most inspired by our shared and often difficult life experiences. There is no such thing as a new problem.

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Running toward abundance

By Paul Pustelnik

I started to run. My compelling reason and goal was to run a 5K race by the end of the summer. Just that, I thought, would be incredible since, despite always being very athletic, I had never, ever run more than ONE mile straight in my entire life.

I did a little research, got the right shoes, headphones and the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack to accompany me. I was ready.

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