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  • 15th Century Japanese Art

    The story of Kintsugi may have begun in the late 15th century, when the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent a damaged Chinese tea bowl back to China to be fixed. It returned held together with ugly metal staples. Ashikaga thought this was unacceptable. He challenged his Japanese craftsmen to find a new form of repair that could make a broken piece look as good as new, or better. They pulled the staples and mended the bowl with gold. To his delight, the bowl looked better for having been broken. Kintsugi was born.

  • Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi

    The term "kintsugi" or "kintsukuroi" means ‘golden joinery’ in Japanese and refers to the art of fixing broken ceramics with a lacquer resin made to look like solid gold.

  • A Metaphor for Our Life

    When we view our lives as being of great worth, yet sometimes broken or even shattered, we begin to understand that no matter the trauma, despair, hurt, fear, abuse, failure, addiction, disease, and even death, our scars and wounds are just part of us. As we do, we also must look at those breaks as a place for beauty to transpire for the skilled hands of repair to fill with gold. Each time, we must see we are more beautiful for being broken.

BLOG: Finding Strength

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Make Love to Me Spring

April 14, 2014

Seasons are powerful anchors in our lives.

We pass through them year after year anxiously awaiting fond or furtive moments, remembering old or setting new expectations and reliving familiar memories.

We rely on them to comfort us with feelings of certainty.
We create touch-stones within them, we fill them like containers and then re-live and examine the contents year after year, adding to the container each and every season with new, precious and ever more significant moments.

Spring is my favorite container, my favorite vessel to fill and examine.

It contains limitless supplies of hope, anticipation, potential, renewal, birth, joy and Love. It’s so easy to fall in Love, with everything, in the Spring.

Spring seduces us with its delectable charms and entices us with expectation of infinite possibility.

The authority and command of Spring’s inevitability humbles us into willing and playful creatures of submission.
Take me, take me with you, it speaks; I trust that where you lead is safe and warm and full of intoxicating release.

We watch the thermostat rise and inside feel our own internal warming and salacious need to embrace that warmth from all directions and stimuli. We ache to fill and renew our souls from the frigid state they have so recently escaped. Our senses are ready, alert and finely tuned after a restful and restorative hibernation.

Spring is levity and light and makes everything feel sensual.

I'm ready for Spring to love me.

~ Debra


By Debra Faith Warshaw, Relationship Coach