About Kintsugi Gifts

paul pustelnik

We repair broken ceramic vases and bowls

Each Kintsugi Gift is handmade. We gather old, broken and sometimes given away ceramics and pottery to create pieces of art.

Our Process

This first healing spot is always near the base, which is the strongest piece left after being broken.

Just like the ancient Japanese ceramic repair tradition, we carefully stand the largest broken piece in sand. Piece by piece we mend the ceramic and allow to dry. This time consuming process is critical and necessary for proper binding.

After all the pieces are in place, we accentuate the cracks and smooth them out. The final step is to fill the seams with gold flaked paint. Just like the human race, no two are alike.

The Story of Kintsugi

Included in your shipment is the story of Kintsugi, printed on an elegant card. Keep it next to your piece of art or use it as a display mat. When someone asks about your Kintsugi Gift, read them the story.

We Try to Give Back

10% of our profits are given to the Wounded Warrior Project. Please consider donating and supporting our men and women when they come home.

Our Customers Appreciate Us

Be sure to check out our customer feedback and see how others are mending themselves.

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